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Brian Dinerstein
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Media Inquiries
Emily Prevost
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California Office
777 S Hwy. Suite 208
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The Dinerstein Companies
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Houston, Texas 77046
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Recent News

Houston’s Next Real Estate Hotspots
Without zoning, Houston entrepreneurs can create corridors of commerce in a heartbeat. If you’ve got the moxie and the money, you can create momentum to transform Washington Avenue into an entertainment strip. In the 1960s, Mid Lane became Sin Alley, a cool place for apartments for singles. Real estate promoters made the Katy Freeway into the Energy Corridor and now [...] Read More>>
Sterling Alvarado Student Housing Showcases SDSU’s Sustainable Building Practices
The Dinerstein Companies, the developers behind the Sterling Alvarado project, strived to create a new, modern student housing project for nursing students at San Diego State University that would be energy efficient, environmentally conscious, and cutting edge for student housing developments in the area. The Dinerstein Companies also completed another LEED project in the same [...] Read More>>